Tips For New Chicken Owners

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It has become increasingly popular for individuals to raise chickens on their property. In addition to providing your family with a source of eggs, raising chickens can be a rewarding experience, and these birds can also be extremely entertaining to watch.

Establish A Routine For Your Chickens

When you are adjusting to raising chickens, it is easy to underestimate the benefits that these birds will get from an established routine. This will mean feeding them at approximately the same time, allowing for time outside their coops and other basic activities. Without a sense of routine, your birds may become stressed, which can cause health and behavioral problems that are difficult to correct. This is especially important for rescued chickens as this transition can be a major source of stress for the birds. Fortunately, predictability can help them to adapt.

Provide A Well-Balanced Diet For The Chickens

Chickens are animals that are surprisingly easy to raise. This is partly due to the varied diet that these birds are capable of eating. While they can eat a wide range of different foods, it is important to provide them with quality chicken feed that offers the full range of vitamins and minerals that chickens will need. Unfortunately, it is a common mistake for individuals to fail to properly store their chicken feed, which can allow mold and pests to damage it. To avoid this, you should always keep any opened chicken feed in an airtight container.

Ensure The Chicken Coop Is Protected Against Predators

Unfortunately, there are many predators that will pose a significant threat to your chickens. Effective coop design and construction are essential if you are to limit these risks. In particular, coyotes and foxes can be two of the more well-known predators for chickens, but there are also many larger birds that will prey on them. When building a coop for the chickens, it is important to ensure that it has a covered top so that aggressive birds will not be able to reach the chickens. Furthermore, the walls of the coop should be buried in the ground as coyotes and foxes can dig under fences to gain access to the chickens. If you live in a rural area, a motion-activated light and sprinkler system can be a worthwhile investment for keeping coyotes, foxes, and wolves away from the chicken coop. Luckily, modern motion sensors are directional so you won't need to worry about the chickens activating the system when they are moving around in their coop.

For more information regarding easy chicken raising, contact an agricultural company.