How Does Fulvic Acid Encourage Farm Plants And Animal Health?

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If you are constantly looking for ways to increase the output on your farm, then there are a wide variety of products you can buy. Some products are enhancement products that are commonly called dietary aids. Fulvic acid is one of them, and the supplement can be successfully used to promote growth in plants and health in animals. Keep reading to find out home.

Plant Growth

There are certain types of compounds in the soil that are called chelators. Chelators are substances that help plants with the uptake of essential minerals and nutrients. Specifically, they hold on to the mineral ions so they can be absorbed by plant roots. Otherwise, the compounds can become locked in the soil and cannot be used by the plants. 

Fulvic acid is a chelator and it is considered an active one. While other types of compounds, like humic acid, simply keep minerals in the root zone for uptake, fulvic acid actually assists with the absorption of the minerals. In other words, the acidic compound allows for the active transport of minerals and nutrients through cell membranes. Once the transport occurs, the fulvic acid releases the compounds. 

Fulvic acid can do this for root uptake as well as leaf absorption. This may be essential if your plants are lacking essential trace minerals and elements that are directly affecting growth. Not only does the acid allow for good mineral absorption, but it also boosts metabolism so plants can grow to their maximum potential. 

The acid comes in fluid form, so it can be used as a soil additive or as a spray that can be used to cover leaves. 

Animal Health

As with plants, fulvic acid can be given to livestock as a way to boost health and growth. Many animals will consume the chelating ingredient in their food, but fulvic acid is not nearly as abundant as it once was due to the effects of farming and the nutrient depletion of the soil. If you have started to treat your own produce with the acid, then it can easily transfer to livestock. However, if you purchase commercial feeds, then it is best to provide the acid as a supplement.

Fulvic acid helps to increase the uptake of minerals and nutrients and it also encourages immune health. This can be a great way for you to reduce the need for antibiotics, and the fulvic acid supplement can be easily added to feeds in its liquid form. To learn more about fulvic acid, contact a company like Liv Earth INC